Good Tape was developed by Zetland, an award-winning Danish digital newspaper. We do a lot of investigative work, and we know exactly how important confidentiality is in working with sources.

That's why we do everything we can to keep your recordings secure.

When you upload a file, we transfer it via a https secured protocol to our servers within the European Union, where we transcribe it. With your consent, we can store your uploaded audio files to facilitate easier access, repeated use and increased user value. Keeping your files within the EU ensures that we are fully GDPR-compliant (several corporate transcription services used by European news publishers in fact transfer their customers’ files to the US).

If you upload without logging in, we store your transcription for three days while we wait for you to download it. If you have an account, we store it securely for as long as you want us to. Your tape is yours and yours only, and we DO NOT use it for anything other than providing you with a transcription.

Our encryption principle is similar to that of cloud services from Google, Microsoft, Dropbox and similar providers. This means – and this is simply a technical fact – that it would be theoretically possible for a small group of our trusted employees to access your recording while handling it. We will never do this, and your files are deleted automatically as soon as we are done transcribing them unless you ask us to keep it for you (more details on our Data Privacy page).

Our professional version includes a Data Processing Agreement where we commit in writing to the standards described above. In practice this will make no difference: We will handle all files with the highest level of confidentiality.

In all respects mentioned, we are at least as secure as other transcription services on the market. But if you are reporting on the intelligence community, or if you are based in a country with high government surveillance, we recommend that you consider using one of the two most secure solutions: running transcription software locally on your computer or transcribing your good tape the old-fashioned way.