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Conference transcription

by Lasse Finderup, Head of Growth at Good Tape24 January 2024
Conference transcription
Lasse Finderup

Conference transcription

Say hello to a future where missed opportunities due to forgotten details are no longer an issue. Conference transcription is more than merely retaining a log; it is about optimising the value of every meeting and session.

Yet how can you ensure that this critical practice is accurate and efficient? Enter professional conference transcribing services like Good Tape, a transcription tool that can turn conference recordings into easily accessible transcripts.

What is conference transcription?

Conference transcription requires capturing the core essence of discussions to make the analysis easier.

In its most basic form, conference transcribing is like having a buddy who diligently records down every last word stated throughout your business meetings. Businesses may examine ideas, evaluate judgments, and guarantee that every insight is retained by turning spoken words into written form.

What are the benefits of conference transcription?

Conference call transcription is a practical strategy that will help cover the gap between spoken communication and actionable insights, allowing your business to profit from a variety of advantages, all of which contribute to improved communication, more efficient decision-making, and a more informed workforce.

Let’s dive a bit more into its advantages and understand how it can help your business gain a competitive advantage.

  • Enhanced accuracy and quality: When it comes to corporate communication, getting every word correct is critical. This is where professional conference transcription services like Good Tape come in. It's not just about having a word-for-word record; it's about having confidence in the information you need to make important decisions.

  • Streamlined communication and documentation: Transcription translates spoken exchanges into written documentation, making it easier for team members who were unavailable to attend the conference to get a better grasp of the agenda discussed. It also acts as a trustworthy reference point for future talks, ensuring that no crucial element is overlooked in the midst of day-to-day operations.

  • Accelerating decision making: How often have you found yourself looking for that one piece of information that will make your decision a whole lot easier? Decision-makers may promptly review and gauge the contents of a conference using transcribed records rather than listening to hours of recordings. Since important information is easily available and easy to navigate in text form, the decision-making process is sped up.

Still wondering whether it’s your call or not? Learn why we need transcription services to better evaluate this option for your business.

How to transcribe a conference

  • Prepare for high-quality audio recording: A clean audio recording is the cornerstone of a successful transcription. Make use of high-quality recording equipment and make sure the audio is clear of background noise. To eliminate disruptions during digital meetings, make sure you have a solid internet connection.

  • Select the right transcription tools: The next step is to choose the transcription tool that works best for you – we can recommend Good Tape. This platform was developed to support a broad spectrum of audio file formats, making it an adaptable option for many sorts of meetings.

  • Upload audio files for transcription: Once you've gathered your audio or video recordings, upload them on the transcription provider's platform. Make certain that the files are complete, and that any confidential data is protected appropriately.

  • Review and edit transcripts: Examine the transcripts for accuracy after obtaining them. Verify the terms used, especially if the conference covers specialised issues. Make any required changes to the transcript to ensure it correctly portrays the discussion.

  • Distribute and use the transcripts: Distribute the final, revised transcripts to meeting attendees and any relevant team members. Use the transcripts to guide follow-up activities, clarify issues raised, or as an archive for individuals who were unable to attend the meeting.

Conference transcription solutions, such as Good Tape, may increase the productivity and efficacy of company communication substantially. Businesses may keep detailed records of their operations, improve team cooperation, and make educated choices based on complete and accessible details by ensuring that every part of a meeting is correctly reported.

Conference transcription software by Good Tape

Good Tape is an automated transcription service that allows professionals such as business owners, managers, journalists, and others to easily convert audio recordings into written content, regardless of the sound quality of their recordings. The service is also multilingual, so you can obtain meeting minutes with timestamps in your local language.

It’s got a lot more in store for its users. Let’s dive into its offerings that you can make use of to save your time and focus on what really matters.

Key Features

  • Safety and protection: Good Tape assures that all transcriptions are processed confidentially and in accordance with data protection legislation. End-to-end encryption protects them. Good Tape is totally GDPR-compliant, which means that the files are never transferred outside of the EU.

  • Affordable pricing: Good Tape provides three free transcriptions every month, allowing organisations to try its high-quality services without making an instant commitment.

  • User-friendly interface for quick service: Good Tape has a simple interface that allows you to easily convert audio files to text. Simply submit your audio, and Good Tape will provide accurate written transcripts in minutes, making it ideal for professionals that want rapid transcription services.

  • Tailored service: Good Tape recognises that each company faces distinctive challenges and expectations. As a result, it provides a transcription service adapted to the specific requirements of its business clients.

Want to see what the hype is all about? Get started with audio to text transcription today to check it out for yourself.

Getting started with Good Tape: Transcribing tool for businesses

  • Upload your file: The first step in the process is to upload the file you need to transcribe. Make sure the file is complete and has all the information you require.

  • Select the language: Good Tape has a number of options when it comes to choosing the language of transcription. Select the one you want, however you can also choose the “auto-detect” option for the system to automatically identify the language in the audio.

  • Transcribe the text: Once the file is uploaded and the language is chosen, proceed further by clicking the “transcribe” button. Your audio transcription process starts here.

  • To wait or not to wait: If you’re a casual plan user, you will have to wait for some time for your transcription to be completed due to excessive load by the users. However, if you’re a professional or a team user, you get your results ASAP. The wait time depends on the plan you’re subscribed to.

  • Get notified: You will receive a notification once your transcribed document is ready. An e-mail will be sent to your inbox containing the link to access and download the document.

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